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Working with our corporate partners, we make a far bigger impact than we could by acting alone.


Together we can change lives in a major way.

  • Interested in being part of the solution? Contact us

  • We focus on educating and empowering youth, and providing them with sustainable life skills –         this will enable them to live independently and break their cycles of homelessness and poverty.


Why partner with us?

Sustainability - We network with companies to provide life-saving resources and skills to youth who live where your business operates.

Brand Awareness – Social impact is a must-have for  today’s businesses.

  • Employee Giving

    • Employee Engagement 

    • Tagline for bullet: Bring life-saving resources to students in need. Get involved at your workplace today!

    • Ideas

      • Employee Matched Giving

        • If your employer matches giving, double your impact today. Find out if your employer has a Matching Program.  

Volunteer With Us

  • We have volunteer and Board Membership opportunities that can be filled remotely. We’d love your employees’ support of our work. From strategic planning, creating a fundraiser, creating governing policies, or new programs, your employees will have hands-on experience engagement.


You can be a part of a community that is bringing LOVE and HOPE to students in need. Join our team today and help us make a BIG impact in their lives!

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