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Mental Health Awareness

Financial Literacy

College Readiness

Highlights mental health awareness, self-care, nutrition, and physical health. Our mentors will provide access to the necessary support, counseling, and care to help students live healthy lives. This module culminates into a Wellness Retreat and provides proven solutions to help our students work through depression, childhood trauma, anxiety, and stress with their assigned mentors.

Teaches our students money management skills to build strong financial habits. Our students learn about budgeting, credit, banking, balancing their own bank accounts, and even investing in their own college savings. Our mentors will assist students with establishing bank accounts. (Students will receive funds to deposit and manage their accounts.)

Prepares our students for long-term college success. Mentors help their students navigate the challenging task of determining their majors and applying for scholarships. By preparing our students academically and socially, we help to improve their chances of finishing college and decrease the number of dropouts.


Our students receive instruction in the area of photography, videography, digital content creation, and drone piloting. They will learn basic skills in computer technology.

Career Coaching

Offers life skills our students will be able to utilize outside of the classroom. Our students learn to apply their academic skills to work environments, which helps them better determine which academic path or career is suitable for them. Students learn resume writing and interview skills, and are also provided mock interviews. Our mentors will also coordinate paid internships.

Once Upon a Prom (OUAP)

Once upon a prom (OUAP) is our comprehensive prom prep service providing free attire, accessories, grooming, meal, and transportation.We make our students feel like royalty!

For My Dorm (FMD)

our annual College Bound Trunk Party is a day of recognition for our graduating students to be acknowledged for their accomplishments. Students receive college dorm essentials, school supplies, words of inspiration, and sound advice before they head off to college.


Our mentors advocate for our students’ best interests. They introduce our youth to new, positive experiences and values, helping them to avoid negative behaviors and achieve success academically, emotionally, and professionally.

Students Tell Us Why They Love Our Programs.

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